John Denver The Tribute

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JOHN DENVER The Tribute has performed to encore-demanding audiences all over the world.

John Adams takes the stage, leading his John Denver tribute band that consists of top-rated professional musicians that elevate the audiences experience to an unmatched performance from any tribute concert they’ve ever heard. Each John Denver song is performed effortlessly as audience members can relax and reminisce about an age long gone.

John Adams Band tribute to John Denver has taken them across the globe. They’ve honored the Rocky Mountain Legends music in places like Beijing, England, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and in the continental United States such as New York, California, Idaho, Utah, West Virginia, Illinois, Nevada, Denver, Colorado and many more. From natural surroundings like Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheater and New York’s Central Park to small venues in small towns, they’ve filled the air with John Denver’s music.

No matter how large or small of an audience, how young or how old, a John Denver tribute will not exclude a single soul. The music is simply timeless and can be applied to any place, any time and to any situation. Like all music, it is meant to touch people where words cannot reach. Come join John Adams and his band and spend an evening in a world that only the best John Denver Tribute Show can take you.

Each musician takes an active role in celebrating the music that pays tribute to John Denver. The music is performed exactly how fans remember hearing from the Rocky Mountain legend himself. Songs like Rocky Mountain High, Take Me Home Country Roads, Annie’s Song, Calypso, and Thank God I’m a Country Boy combine with the personal stories that John Adams shares about his poignant times spent with John Denver.
John Adams’ voice alone is the highest tribute to John Denver. During a TV show in Europe, Denver admitted, “He sounds just like me.” John Adams is a veteran John Denver Tribute Artist having performed the show for over forty years, his professionalism and ability to connect with the audience brings them back over and over again.